Monday, 27 October 2014

Training of Palestine Specialist

Date: 25-26 October 2014

Israa’ Institution held its first event of the year with a program called “Training of Palestine Specialist” (TOPS) which aims to educate its members about the history and issues regarding the holy land of Palestine.
The event was held at Education Malaysia, London for 2 days and was attended by 20 participants from various parts of the UK and Ireland. The participants received four modules from the beginners’ syllabus; the first two sessions was presented by Mus’ab bin Shaharom (President of IKRAM UKE) while the last two sessions were presented by Dr Arif Zaquan Abd Ghafar (Vice President of IKRAM UKE). Among the topics covered included the importance of Palestine in Islam, the history and also current issues revolving it.

The event finished off with a presentation of Israa’ Institution by its president, Faiq Hassin. The participants also had the chance to discuss about future events and how they can further spread awareness about the Palestinian issue in their respective locality.